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Associate of Art
Theatre Studies (A.A.)
Learn about contemporary approaches to theatre and performance through exposure to dramatic literature and the theatre production process.
Theater department performs the play Robin Hood in the Black Box theater.
Study the Stage
Develop communication, technical, organizational, and analytic skills in technical theatre, acting, directing, dance, dramatic literature, playwriting, and arts management. Students gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and viewpoints by researching historical and contemporary approaches to theatre.

Highlighted Career Paths

An Associate degree in Theatre Studies opens up rewarding careers for our graduates. Check out some top careers for this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.
Actors & Actresses
Bring stories alive in films and on stage. Research characters, portray them authentically, and work with directors and production to improve performances.
Stage Manager
Oversee production and post-production processes for film and stage performances. Be a vital voice in bringing stories to life for an audience.
Casting Director
Oversee casting processes for commercials, theatre, television, and film. Strong interpersonal, communication, and acting skills are helpful in this career.
Film & Sound Engineers
Operate and maintain equipment to record, mix, or reproduce music and sound effects for theatre, film, recording studios, sporting venues, and video production.
Write original scripts for theatrical productions, developing overarching concepts, dialogue, stage direction, and suggestions for set design.

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