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Bachelor of Science
Biology: Neuroscience (B.S.)
Students will be prepared to pursue advanced degrees in biology, psychology, and neuroscience or to enter into the pharmaceutical and biotechnology workforce.
A Neuroscience student holds two thick books in front of brain x-rays.
Gain Hands-On Experience
Neuroscience is a multi-disciplinary program that focuses on the development, structure and function of the nervous system and its regulation of body systems and behavior. The neuroscience emphasis examines topics such as molecular and cellular neurobiology, neuroanatomy, the neural basis of behavior, learning, memory, cognition and perception, neuroendocrinology, neurophysiology, neuronpharmacology, and neurological disorders. Neuroscience is an excellent pre-professional field of study for those interested in health professions, law, or business.

Highlighted Career Paths

Graduates with a degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Neuroscience, have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.
Psychologists use knowledge of cognitive, emotional, social processes, and behavior as they observe patients to properly diagnose mental behaviors. Using these skills a psychologist treats those suffering from mental illness to allow patients to live healthier lives.
Pharmacists use health and wellness screenings, provide immunizations, oversee medications, and give healthy lifestyle advice to patients. As a pharmacist, they use learned skills of the body to dispense prescription medications to patients and offer expertise in the safe use of prescriptions.
As a surgeon, students will utilize the knowledge gained within neuroscience emphasis to diagnose patients before operation. They then use taught skills to perform surgery, provide postoperative care, and treatment. Those in this career are looked at as the leader of the surgical team responsible for patients’ lives.

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