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Jenzabar CX Client

Access to all Environments

Please use the Software Center on your computer to download CX. Direct links are provided below. If you do not have access to these programs, please contact Desktop Support (Ext. 1411).
This new version is a direct replacement for the old CX program.
This is the original program and can be used as needed for activites such as table maintenance. This program will be removed and retired once CX10 can update all tables.

Environment Usage

Where everyone needs to login to access student information.
Used to check installation and upgrades coming from QA and prior to deployment to the LIVE environment. Stage should work and operate as if it were the LIVE environment.If data would not be changed/manipulated on the LIVE environment, the data should not be changed/manipulated in STAGE. Any and all data changes that would not normally be made in LIVE for testing should be done in QA (Quality Assurance).
Used for SMO testing on the Jenzabar release. Common uses for this would be:
  • SMO Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Training
Used to develop new updates and changes. Common uses for this would be:
  • Developers working on new changes
  • SMO's are created here
  • IT tests SMO's in preparation to be tested by the end users
For any issues not related to downloading the program Contact:

Scott Wright (Ext. 7022)

Benjamin Luthi (Ext. 7095)

Clay Mullins (Ext. 7059)