Alumni Profiles

Alumni Profile - Hanna

In my life in general, I have a greater optimism for my future that I never had before. Being a humanities major is a source of great pride for me, and with this pride, I have the confidence to tackle whatever the future brings. This helps fight off the feelings of stagnancy or inadequacy that often come after college graduation.

Alumni Profile - Travis

My degree taught me how to balance the demands of completing challenging work on a deadline, thriving in team/group environments, and ensuring that I think critically about the best possible way of completing a task. Both in working after undergrad and in law school, my degree has continued to fuel my passion for learning.

Alumni Profile - Cami

Despite career uncertainty, she loved to learn and felt that Humanities and Philosophy constantly engaged her mind and opened new vistas of knowledge. She knew that this degree would serve as a broad platform for any direction she chose whether it be graduate school, a full-time job, or raising children.