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Expo Scripts | Osaka Expo: Van Gessel Collection

Purpose of Life Script

It is of great importance to know that, before you were born on this earth, you lived together with God as one of His spirit children.

The Bible says that God is the God of the spirits of all living things.

Your birth on this earth is all a part of God’s plan of eternal life.

You matured from being a child to becoming an adult. Your father and mother have the duty to teach you to pray to God and to live righteously as a child of God.

We must learn how to overcome the many problems that arise in this life. The Bible and the Book of Mormon, which God has provided for us, contain His teachings and commandments for us in this life. While we live on the earth, we are granted the time to learn about God, His purposes, and His plan for our lives. We must repent of our sins and weaknesses and obey God’s commandments.

Our death, which also comes from God, is a vital experience in His plan for our eternal life and progress.

Regarding a person’s death, the Bible states, “For dust thou art, and to dust shalt thou return,” and “the spirits of all men…are taken home to that God who gave them life.”

After you die, when the appropriate time comes, your flesh and bones, which are subject to death, are again reunited with your spirit, and you are resurrected with an immortal body that will never die again.

And now, please view the film, “Man’s Search for Happiness,” which relates to the theme of this pavilion.

Theater Script for Missionaries

An angel sent from God delivered the Book of Mormon to the earth. The Book of Mormon was given to us so that we can learn about the true and living God and His purposes, as well as His plan for this life.

In the film you are about to watch, you will learn about eternal life and about true happiness.

Our birth into this world, our death, our resurrection after death, and eternal life are all granted to us by God.

I know of a certainty that God lives and that we are all children of God.