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Literacy Education Minor

The new Literacy Education minor is available starting Spring Semester 2024.
Student teacher tutoring a child
What is Literacy Education?
This minor aims to help students build skills that aid reading literacy for new and developing readers. Students learn how to assess and assist a developing reader’s learning progress with care and insight. Course topics include:
• Dyslexia
• Language development theories
• Teaching strategies
• Instructional routines
• Disability law
• Phonemics (sounds, vowels, consonants)
• And more

Course Availability Schedule

Student teacher tutoring a child

Courses for this new major will be phased in over the next few semesters. The following is the schedule for when each class will be available to take.
View the Academic Catalog for course descriptions.

Spring 2024

ED 460: Literacy in the Content Areas – 3 credits
ENG 355: Children’s Literature (also available online) OR ENG 356: Young Adult Literature – 3 credits

Fall 2024

ED 340: Foundations of Literacy Development and Reading Disabilities – 3 credits
ED 352: Advanced Phonics – 3 credits (Pre-Req: ED 344)

Winter 2025

ED 350: Language and the Brain – 3 credits (Pre-Req: ED 304)

Spring 2025

ED 454: Literacy Intervention Methods – 3 credits (Pre-Req: ED 345)

Fall 2025

ED 455: Literacy Practicum in Literacy Assessment and Intervention – 2 credits (Pre-Req: ED 454)

Total Credits: 20 credits
Required Praxis Assessment: Praxis 5206 Teaching Reading