ED 492: Student Teaching (12 credits)

Student Teaching is the culminating experience, the capstone of the academic and professional training of a pre-service teacher. A twelve week practicum is completed in the public school classroom. A weekly seminar will serve as the forum in which student teachers can address challenges and concerns while sharing experiences, expertise, and successes. There are a vast number of education students that BYU-Idaho is trying to service. Because of this, be aware of the following: 1. There is a STRONG probability that your student-teaching placement will be a distant site.

(Las Vegas, South Salt Lake and Davis County, Mesa, Boise) 2. Distant-site placements are limited to certain locations that have been organized for BYU-Idaho students. These sites have been researched and contacts made in order to help BYU-Idaho students gain a student-teaching experience. 3. There will be a disruption in your regular routine in order to participate in yours.