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Craig Broadbent

Phone number: 208-496-3822


  • PhD. in Economics, 2009, University of New Mexico
  • M.A. in Economics, 2006, University of New Mexico
  • B.S. in Economics, 2004, Weber State University


  • Environmental Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Water Resource Economics
  • Micro-Economics

Peer-reviewed Publications (partial list)

  • Broadbent, C.D., D.S. Brookshire, D.C. Goodrich, M.D. Dixon, L.A. Brand, J. Thacher and S. Stewart. 2015 “Valuing Preservation and Restoration Alternatives for Ecosystem Services in the Southwestern U.S.” Ecohydrology DOI: 10.1002/eco.1628
  • Broadbent, C.D., D.S. Brookshire, D. Coursey, and V. Tidwell. 2014 “An Experimental Analysis of Water Leasing Markets Focusing on the Agricultural Sector.” Agricultural Water Management 142: 88-98.
  • Long D.L. and C.D. Broadbent. 2014 “Does the Natural Resource Curse Exist for Electricity Exports in African Nations?” International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics 32 (1):1-13.
  • Broadbent, C.D.  2014 “Evaluating Mitigation and Calibration Techniques for Hypothetical Bias in Choice Experiments.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 57 (12): 1831-1848 doi:10.1080/09640568.2013.839447.
  • Brand, L.A., M.D. Dixon, T. Fetz, J.C. Stromberg, S. Stewart, G. Garber, D.C. Goodrich, D.S. Brookshire, C.D. Broadbent and K. Benedict. 2013 “Projecting Avian Guild Responses to Landscape Management along the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico.” The Southwestern Naturalist 58 (2): 150-162.
  • Broadbent, C.D. 2012 “Hypothetical Bias, Consequentiality and Choice Experiments.” Economics Bulletin 32 (3): 2490-2499.

Professional Projects

  • U.S. Geologic Survey 2014, “A Conceptual Framework for a Multidisciplinary Resource Assessment: The Net Resources Assessment Tool (NetRA),” Co-PI’s D. Brookshire, R.L. Bernknopf, Investigators C.D. Broadbent, B.Bridge, S. Faulkner. Sponsor # G10AC00303 and G13AC0076.
  • National Science Foundation 2010, “WSC-Category 3 – Climate and Population Change and Thresholds of Peak Ecological Water: Integrated Synthesis for Dryland Rivers,” Co PI’s T. Meixner, E.R. Vivoni, D.S. Brookshire, Investigators C.D. Broadbent, D. Coursey, F. Dominguez, G. Duan, T. Maddock, D.A. Plane, J. Stromberg. 2011/2013.
  • United States Bureau of Reclamation under the Water Conservation Initiative 2009, “Designing a Water Leasing Market for the Mimbres River, New Mexico,” Co-PI’s D. Brookshire, V. Tidwell, New Mexico Office of the State Engineer, Investigators C.D. Broadbent, D. Coursey. 2010/2012.