Welcome to the newly created BYU-Idaho Parents & Family Association. We know you want the best for your student and your participation in the association will keep you informed so that you can continue to support your student’s learning and success.

Membership Benefits

Joining the Parents & Family Association is free and provides you with the following benefits:

Subscription to BYUI Parents & Family Newsletter

Receive timely information on academic and support services, campus events, career networking opportunities and more. Three different newsletters are offered.

  1. Pre-Arrival – admittance to arrival
  2. 1st Semester – new students
  3. Current Students – 2nd semester through senior year


Academic and Financial Deadlines Notifications

View current and future Academic and financial deadlines.

Event Information

Learn about campus performances and other events taking place.

Benefits & Discounts

Learn about benefits available to you when you join the BYUI Parents & Family Association.

Alumni Benefits

Feedback Opportunities

Provide essential parent feedback on Get Connected, Graduation, campus services, support resources, and more.We want to hear from you so we can improve the student and parents’ and family experience at BYU-Idaho.

Give Feedback

Leadership Opportunities

Help us explore how parents can assist the university through admissions recruitment efforts, networking, internship opportunities, career placement opportunities, and more.

Student Life App

Access to the BYUI Student Life App.