Endorsement Renewal

Follow the appropriate link below to complete the continuing endorsement for current BYU-Idaho students.

New Applicants

If you are endorsing someone who is applying to be admitted or readmitted to BYU-Idaho, click the link below.

QUESTIONS? For questions regarding the endorsement process for new applicants, contact BYU-Idaho Admissions through the number (208) 496-1300 or admissions@byui.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the electronic continuing endorsement?

The electronic continuing endorsement is an online form students must complete before meeting with their bishop for a continuing endorsement interview. Following the interview, bishops complete the endorsement process, removing the continuing endorsement hold from the student’s record.

Why do I need a new endorsement when I just got one?

The Board of Trustees has indicated that the continuing endorsement will help ensure that students who are active church members are not excluded through enrollment ceilings while inactive members enjoy the blessings of attending church schools.

I am a married student. What do I have to do to use the electronic continuing endorsement?

If you live in the Rexburg area, you will need the church unit number of the ward you attend in order to fill out the electronic form. If you live outside the Rexburg area, you will have to do a paper endorsement.

I am not LDS. Do I need an endorsement?

Yes. You may contact the Dean of Students Office at 496-9200 for assistance in completing the endorsement.

I have to work on Sunday and cannot attend church? What should I do?

A variety of meeting start times are available in most areas. If you are unable to attend your assigned ward, try to find a time that works for you. You will also need to visit with your bishop to work it out with him.

I will be doing an internship this summer. Do I need an endorsement?

Yes. A Continuing Ecclesiastical Endorsement is necessary for anyone representing the university through either coursework or other activities.

I am taking less than 12 credits. Do I need an endorsement?

Yes. All BYU-Idaho students should have current endorsements.

Does my campus bishop have to do my endorsement or can my home bishop do it?

Students who are on campus must receive their continuing endorsement from their campus ward bishop.

What if my bishop does not endorse me?

You will not be able to register. However, you may appeal the bishop's decision to your stake president.

If my university bishop will not endorse me, can I get my home bishop or another bishop to do it?


I decided not to return to BYU-Idaho before I left school but have now changed my mind. What should I do?

Contact your bishop and make arrangements with him to do your endorsement as part of the reapplication process.

Does my stake president have to do my endorsement?


Where can I get a copy of the endorsement form?

The form may be printed in PDF format by going to the following Web Site: www.byui.edu/StudentHonor/Continuing%20Endorsement.htm

Once my bishop has signed the form, what should I do?

It can be faxed to the number shown at the bottom of the form or mailed to the Student Honor Office in Kimball 270.

My bishop mailed my endorsement form to Provo. What should I do?

We will attempt to get a copy of that endorsement from our Admissions Office. It may take a bit longer as the form has to be scanned in before we can see it.

I tried to access the electronic endorsement but was unable to or it did not show the ward I actually attend. What should I do?

Check to ensure that the local address you have given to the university is correct. If it is correct and you still cannot complete the electronic endorsement, call the Student Honor Office at 208-496-9300.

My bishop lost my form. What should I do?

Get another form, fill it out, and ask your bishop to sign it.

I tried to register and was told that there was a hold on my record. What should I do?

You need to determine what kind of hold is placed on your record. Is it a financial, academic, Honor Code or continuing endorsement hold? You will need to contact the office that placed the hold and clear it up before you can register.