• Mike Super

    Award Winning Illusionist, Mike Super, Comes to BYU-Idaho

    Award Winning Illusionist, Mike Super, Comes to BYU-Idaho and explains what people can expect from his shows.

  • Ambassador Yeah Samake

    Mali Ambassador Yeah Samake, Speaks on Leading with Change

    Mali Ambassador Yeah Samake Speaks on Leading with Change at BYU-Idaho's Forum

  • Katelyn McMaster

    BYU-Idaho Student Gets Accepted to Summer Research Program in Cambodia

    Katelyn McMaster is the first BYU-Idaho student to get accepted to the summer research fellowship in Cambodia. She explains the process of applying, her project and what she hopes to get out of this experience.

  • Eliza R. Snow Center for the Performing Arts

    BYU-Idaho Theatre Production: House of Desires

    The upcoming BYU-Idaho theatre production "House of Desires" is a play about a brother and sister who are caught in a web love story.

  • Brian Chirstensen and Bryon Draper with Brandon Isle

    Artists of New Art Gallery Exhibit Share Inspiration Behind Their Work

    Brian Chirstensen and Bryon Draper, the artists of the new exhibit at the Spori Art Gallery, share how they came together for this exhibit and the inspiration behind their work.

  • The Underdogs of BYU-Idaho

    With just a few weeks to prepare. Students in the Supply Chain department came together to make a winning team.

  • A New Voice for the Rexburg Community

    The Coordinator for Student Life Communications at BYU-Idaho, Benjamin Watson, saw an opportunity to start something great in Rexburg, and with over 80 children in attendance at his first rehearsal, this children's choir is bound to make waves.

  • RootsTech is Larger than Life

    RootsTech is the largest family history event in the world, and you can participate right from your computer. Watch the conference live at rootstech.org.

  • Idaho Fish and Game Expert Announces Retirement After Nearly 35 Years

    After over three decades of service with the Idaho Fish and Game department, wildlife advocate and expert Gregg Losinski shares the importance of understanding and coexisting with our native wildlife.

  • The Hidden Gem: A Tradition of Barbershop Singing in Rexburg

    This time each year in Rexburg chords ring out for barbershop, and this year marks the 20th annual Barbershop Festival. Barbershoppers and clinicians Jim DeBusman and Beth Bruce come to us with their perspective on just what makes the annual Barbershop festival such a big deal.

  • Power to Become Conference Winter 2018

    The Power to Become conference is not just for BYU-Idaho students, says Will Gurkie. It's an opportunity for students and community members alike to see successful BYU-Idaho and BYU Provo alumni. At the conference, students and community members discover their passion, tell their story, and learn how to network effectively.

  • The Magic is in Idaho

    To make children's dreams come true, Carmen Taylor put together My Princess Party of Idaho to bring Disney heroines to the homes of children on their birthdays.

  • Madison Cares about Start with Hello Week

    Schools in Madison County are making a difference this week with the "Start with Hello" initiative. Brought to life by the Sandy Hook Promise Organization, Start with Hello encourages people to reach out in an effort to counter social isolation and prevent gun related violence.

  • Improv Comedy Group Returns To BYU-Idaho

    The comedy group featuring many famous LDS actors returns to the stage at BYU-Idaho to share their talents.

  • Republican Tommy Ahlquist in the Run for Idaho Governor

    "I am not a politician." Republican nominee for Governor of Idaho explains how his professional and leadership experience will add new and needed perspective to Idaho politics and qualify him for the race independent of political experience.