Office of the President

Welcome to BYU–Idaho

Sue and I are honored to be part of Brigham Young University–Idaho, serving among wonderful students, parents, employees, alumni, and many others. We are grateful to be on this errand from the Lord. There is kindness, warmth, and professionalism here, and an opportunity to associate with each other in ways that are extraordinary and special.

It is also a unique and historic time to be on campus. A great deal of inspiration, work, love, and sacrifice has been given since the transition to BYU–Idaho in 2001. Specifically, the university has strived to improve the quality of education, increase the number of students receiving an education, and lower the relative cost of education.

The Three-Track System, Learning Model, Online Learning, Pathway, and other innovations have been implemented to help accomplish these objectives, allowing the university to grow in important ways. However, there is still a great work that lies ahead.

I am often reminded of an address given earlier on campus by former President David A. Bednar when he likened BYU–Idaho to the ship of "curious workmanship" built by Nephi (1 Nephi 18:1).

In thinking about this inspired comparison, I have come to realize we are not only building something significant, not only something which is to be revealed by the Lord, but something intended to be "exceedingly fine" and like no other. BYU–Idaho is to be a university of exquisite quality, even outstanding quality, so remarkable it is characterized as "curious" (1 Nephi 18:1-4).

The way forward is not without challenge and difficulty. It requires the dedication and faith of everyone associated with the institution. We will be blessed and find great success as we move along our steady, upward course.

President Kim B. and Sue Clark

"We will be blessed and find great success as we move along our steady, upward course."

—President Kim B. Clark