Stream Table

Geomorphology is the study of river systems. An important aspect of this field is understanding the principle of equilibrium in meandering rivers. The goal of this geomorphology class is to determine fluvial responses to changes in watershed conditions such as base level, mean grain size, sediment cohesion, cut bank and point bar formation, discharge, sediment load, and stream gradient.

Seismograph Network 

Working together with the United States Geological Survey, and with help from Montana Tech and the University of Utah our system was upgraded to include Earthworm during the summer of 2000. Montana Tech now includes the BYU-Idaho stations on their Internet site. To see current recordings of our seismic stations go to Montana Tech's earthquake site. The BYU-Idaho stations are located at the bottom of the page showing all of the different sites available for viewing through Montana Tech's web site.

  • Sample Prep Laboratory
  • Geochemistry Laboratory
  • Geophysics Laboratory
  • Sedimentolgy/Stratigraphy Laboratory