Paragraph and Essay

Image of Addressing Opposing Viewpoints Video Image of Addressing Opposing Viewpoints PDF

Addressing Opposing Viewpoints

Argumentative Essays Video Argumentative Essays PDF

Argumentative Essays

Clarity Video Clarity PDF


Voice And Tone Video Voice And Tone PDF

Voice And Tone

Development Video Development PDF


Elements Of A Personal Essay Video Elements Of A Personal Essay PDF

Elements Of A Personal Essay

Focus Video Focus PDF


Giving And Receiving Peer Feedback Video Giving And Receiving Peer Feedback PDF

Giving And Receiving Peer Feedback

How Reading Improves Writing Video How Reading Improves Writing PDF

How Reading Improves Writing

Narrative Writing Video Narrative Writing PDF

Narrative Writing

Organization Video Organization PDF


Outlining Video Outlining PDF


Paragraphs Video Paragraphs PDF Paragraphs Document


Avoiding Plagiarism Video Avoiding Plagiarism PDF

Avoiding Plagiarism

Prewriting And Battling Writer's Block Video Prewriting And Battling Writer's Block PDF

Prewriting And Battling Writer's Block

Proofreading Video Proofreading PDF


Purpose and Genre Video Purpose and Genre PDF

Purpose and Genre

Revision Video Revision PDF


Paraphrasing Summarizing and Quoting Video Paraphrasing Summarizing and Quoting PDF

Paraphrasing Summarizing and Quoting

Thesis Development Video

Thesis Development

Transitions and Coherence Video Transitions and Coherence PDF

Transitions and Coherence

Understand Your Audience Video Understand Your Audience PDF

Understand Your Audience

Integrating Quotations Video Integrating Quotations PDF

Integrating Quotations

Verb Power Video Verb Power PDF Verb Power Document

Verb Power

Description And Detail Video

Introductions And Conclusions

Description And Detail PDF

Description And Detail

Rhetorical Analysis PDF

Rhetorical Analysis

Thesis Development PDF

Synthesis Paper

Chicago And Turabian PDF

Chicago And Turabian

Citing Religious Sources

Citing Religious Sources

Research Paper

Research Paper

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

Prewriting and Battling Writers Block

Prewriting and Battling Writer's Block

Research Paper Outline

Research Paper Outline

Grammar and Style

Sentence Fragments Video Sentence Fragments PDF Sentence Fragments Document

Sentence Fragments

Run-On Sentences Video Run-On Sentences PDF Run-On Sentences Document

Run-On Sentences

Commas Rules Lesson Video Commas Rules Lesson PDF Commas Rules Lesson Document

Commas Rules Lesson

Commas Rules Lesson Cont Video Commas Rules Lesson Cont PDF

Commas Rules Lesson Cont.

Confused Words Video Confused Words PDF Confused Words Document

Confused Words

Commonly Misspelled Words Video Commonly Misspelled Words PDF

Commonly Misspelled Words

Shifts in Time Video Shifts in Time PDF Shifts in Time Document

Shifts in Time

Pronoun Problems Vidoe Pronoun Problems PDF Pronoun Problems Document

Pronoun Problems

Parallel Structures Video Parallel Structures PDF Parallel Structures Document

Parallel Structures

Capitalization Video Capitalization PDF Capitalization Document


Apostrophes Video Apostrophes PDF Apostrophes Document


Improving Style Video Improving Style PDF

Improving Style

Awkward Sentences Video Awkward Sentences PDF

Awkward Sentences

Wordy Sentences Video Wordy Sentences PDF Wordy Sentences Document

Wordy Sentences

Hyphens and Dashes Worksheet

Hyphens and Dashes Worksheet

MLA Styleguide 8th Edition

MLA Styleguide 8th Edition

MLA Works Cited

MLA Works Cited

Punctuation Marks

Punctuation Marks

Quotations and Plagiarism

Quotations and Plagiarism

Semicolon Worksheet

Semicolon Worksheet

Styles in AP

Styles in AP

Styles in AP

APA Style Guide (Student Version)

Styles in AP

APA Style Guide (Professional Version)

Styles in AP

APA 7 Template for Nursing Students - Coming Soon

Styles in AP

Passive Voice Handout