How should I prepare for my visit?

Come prepared with:
Specific questions or concerns about the assignment.
A hard copy of the assignment.
Willingness to make changes.
Twenty to thirty minutes to spend in a session.
Enough time before the assignment is due to make changes.

Does my paper have to be for a class?

No. The BYU-Idaho Writing Center works with resumes, cover letters, letters of introduction (for student teaching and graduate school applications) as well as creative works.

Can you guarantee me an "A"?

No. The Writing Center can work with students to help their assignment meet the guidelines, but the Tutors cannot guarantee an "A". 

What if a tutor gives me advice that I or my teacher disagree with?

Writing tutors are your peers--fellow college students with experience in writing college papers. Because tutors are not familiar with the specifics of your assignment or your instructor's particular expectations, their comments should be understood only as  suggestions. Always defer to the advice of your instructor and remember that the paper is yours; you must take responsibility for the suggested revisions you choose to incorporate in your final draft.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are thirty minutes. This does not mean that for quick concerns students will be required to stay there for the full thirty minutes. If the student feels that they need more time at the end of the thirty minutes, the tutor can assist the student with scheduling a follow-up appointment for the next day. We strive to be as consistent as possible with our allotted time, so that students have the opportunity to work (on their own time) on some of the things they discussed with their tutor. International students on average have thirty to forty-five minute sessions. This is to address concerns with the language itself.

How much time before the due date should I come in?

At least a few hours before class, but preferably at least a day or two in advance. This allows the student plenty of time to be able to correct or change any parts of their assignment that were worked on, as well as allowing enough time for the student to make any further changes or ask their teacher questions regarding the assignment.

Can I request an online session if I'm an on-campus student?

No. Since on-campus students are able to come in to the Writing Center in person whereas off-campus students are not, the online sessions are strictly for those who are off-campus.

Where are you located?

On the second floor of the McKay Library, near the Reading Center and Tutoring Center.

Is the BYU-Idaho Writing Center part of the Tutoring Center?

The Writing Center is technically a separate tutoring center. There is no need to sign in or swipe your I-card when you come. Your tutor will mark that you attended.

Are all the employees at the BYU-Idaho Writing Center English majors?

No. Some of the employees are, but others are Biology, Political Science, Health Administration, Communication, Nursing, Business, History, Education, or Sociology majors, along with others on occasion. Being an English major is not required to work at the Writing Center.

My teacher is requiring or giving extra credit for my visit. How will he or she know I have visited?

We will provide you with a note and signature. However, please come with a goal in mind of how you would like to improve your paper. Coming to the Writing Center out of requirement only can make for a long and frustrating appointment for both the student and tutor. Any student who comes unprepared and unwilling to put in work will not receive a signed note for their teacher. We take academic honesty seriously, and students are expected to come willing to put in effort. Take advantage of the opportunity to get help. You will become a more confident writer when you do!