Tutor Matching Service

BYU-Idaho has partnered with Tutor Matching Service to provide students and tutors with an easy way to connect with one another. Tutor Matching Service is an online tutor list / tutoring marketplace for students to search for an in-person or online tutor by tutor name, subject, or course code.  There are filters for price, ratings, availability, and more. Students can view introductory videos of the tutors, browse a tutor's availability, book a tutor, and pay a tutor (although many tutors are volunteering at $0 per hour).  Through this service, tutors can also cement their knowledge of the material by teaching others.

Find a tutor.

Volunteer tutoring through Tutor Matching Service is a great opportunity to give meaningful service.  Students will appreciate your service and it looks good on resumes and applications.  In order to tutor, students must be able to work well with others.  Tutors will retain flexibility by controlling their own schedules.  Volunteer tutors through Tutor Matching Service typically commit to serve 1-2 hours a week.  Tutors who want to obtain the BYU - Idaho Volunteer Tutoring badge on their Tutor Matching Service webpage will offer their service at no charge.

For more information or to become a tutor, visit the tutor matching page.

Note: Tutor Matching Service is not owned or operated by BYU-Idaho.