Standing as Disciples in the Last Days

Be inspired by President Gilbert's beginning-of-semester devotional message on becoming a disciple-leader.

Published April 2016


Brigham Young University-Idaho: A Disciple Preparation Center (DPC) by Elder David A. Bednar

How is BYU-Idaho like a Missionary Training Center?

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Leadership with a Small “L” by Elder Kim B. Clark

What does it mean to be a leader with a small ‘l’?

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Becoming Disciple-Leaders by Sue Clark

What does obedience have to do with becoming a disciple-leader?

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Strengthening Our Disciple-Leadership by Allen Jones

Why am I at BYU-Idaho, and how can knowing that help me to become a better disciple-leader?

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Becoming a Disciple by Kip Harris

What are the steps to becoming a disciple?

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A Disciple’s Faith by R. Brent and Donna Jean Kinghorn

How can faith help me to become a disciple?

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