Selected Devotionals at BYU-Idaho

In these worship services, held every Tuesday afternoon, students and employees come together to hear words of counsel and inspiration.

Always Pray unto the Father in My Name

Brother David L. Frischknecht
Director for Temporal Affairs, LDS Church

"When you pray with faith every morning, every night, and often in between, your successes are more meaningful. Your trials are more refining. Your sadness is shorter. Comfort and relief and strength come more quickly."

I Could Remember My Pains No More

Brother Richard F. Smith
Former President, NY NY North Mission

"We won't be able to accomplish this work if we are mired down, wallowing in doubt, guilt, and regret for things of the past which the Lord has forgiven and which He no longer remembers."

The Hearts of the Fathers

Brother Jeffery G. Chapman
Religious Education Faculty Member, BYU-Idaho

"Jesus is showing us how completely the Father has remembered the promises he has made to his children, showing us how completely the Father has turned his heart towards us. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son."

I Choose Joy

Brother Christopher W. Moore
Director, LDS Philanthropies

"This life is about choices.  The plan of salvation began with a choice, and you chose correctly.  You chose to follow the Savior's plan to come to this mortal existence, where you would gain a body and be tested."

Exploring Questions Through Faith and Reason

Brother Michael R. Otterson
Managing Director, LDS Church Public Affairs

"I believe the Lord promises us joy in this life and untold possibilities in the next for those willing to stretch, and who reach into the unknown with faith and confidence."