P2B looking back

In Fall of 2014 the first Power to Become (P2B) conference was held at BYU-Idaho. The conference encouraged students, alumni, and guests to discover their passion, tell their story, and to network effectively. P2B included live entertainment, large group meals, a dance, eight speakers, a panel discussion, and networking opportunities. A total of 2,060 students and alumni were in attendance and many students and alumni tuned in online.

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don't be paralyzed by indecision
Start early, put forth the effort and initiative, develop a skill-set, and go after you passion
you are that you might have joy, but you have to define it.
The first step in becoming is coming to yourself
I thought that awsers to every life's questions could be wrapped up in a pretty pink package and tied up with a bow. I see the journet itself as being the answer
Heavenly Father wants us to be like him. He wasnts us to develop the capacity to guide our own lives
When networking: don't keep score. Dream with a deadline. Build it before you need it. Be a master at fallowing up. Show gratitude.
If the only reason not to do something is fear, you have to do that thing.
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