Updates and Videos

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On Track with Pathway

A way for students to get on the path toward a higher education.

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Inspired Devotionals

Be uplifted with talks on faith, counsel and encouragement.

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Enrollment Statistics

Unearth Fall 2012 student statistics at BYU-Idaho.

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Online Learning at BYU-Idaho

Learn about the quality and flexibility of Online Learning.

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Love at Home

Home can be a heaven on earth through love, mutual respect and shared responsibility.


A Student's Perspective

Meet Justin Blair: a real BYU-Idaho student.


Pathway to Success

Watch how Pathway is providing opportunities across the world.

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Saving Green by Going Green

Learn how BYU-Idaho and Rexburg are reducing waste while creating jobs.

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Mastering Graduate School

Build the foundation for your graduate degree now.

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Frugality and Thrifty Living

Find out how BYU-Idaho is sustaining energy and utilizing resources.


Something for Everyone

The largest student-led group on campus makes sure there is always something to do.

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Drenched in Gratitude

President Clark shares a personal message about the spirit of entitlement and its antidote.


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    Where it all Started

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    Beauty All Around

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    Campus Activities

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    Exciting Changes

  • distant view of taylor building and construction equipment

    A Glimpse Into Pathway