Dear Editor:

I was deeply saddened at the news that the college plans on tearing down the Jacob Spori Building. I have been studying Architecture for the last three years and have found that far too often, historical buildings are torn down for a newer, more modern counterpart. 

During my time spent at Ricks, the Spori Building was the single defining monument of the college's past, and probably the most pleasant building to walk by or attend class in, despite all the modern wonders filling the rest of campus. The Spori building gave me (and I'm certain other students too), a feeling of pride and respect for a strong educational tradition.

I only hope that every possible solution was seriously considered as "feasible," so that after the events of the next few years, there will be no regrets. I hope that someday there will be a change in the tide of American culture, and we will finally recognize that the secrets to the future are embodied in our past.
Heidi S. Hoover (97)
Midway, Utah

I received the (fall 1999 issue) in the mail. Since my daughter is getting ready to apply for college next year, it occurred to me I could use this issue and try once again to sway her interest toward Ricks College.

The first thing that caught my eye, however, when I opened the magazine was the advertisement for Summer School. The highlight used as the main attraction was appalling to me: "I met my wife attending summer school this year." Is this supposed to draw students to an institute of higher learning, or invite everyone to a "bride finding ball?"

I definitely want my children to have wholesome social contacts and to find a good mate, which may or may not happen at college. But I'm embarrassed by the message this ad insinuates about the academic offering at Ricks College. I'm going to throw the magazine away for fear my daughter will see it.
Cathy Harward Hulse (68)
Mapleton, Utah

(Letter forwarded)

As we move(d) closer to a New Year, (my wife) and I (were) reflecting back on what has helped us get to where we are today. There are three guiding areas that have: our families, my mission, and Ricks College. Being a newlywed couple would seem hard enough going to school, but we found that the added strain of how to pay for school was of great weight as well. Part of the experience at Ricks would not have been possible if we had not received help in the form of grants and scholarships.
It is with this thought that we would like to make a simple onetime gift of $300 to a Construction Management student that you would deem deserving and have a need of this gift. The money may be used for books, tuition, or living expenses and for summer or fall classes.
Alex Baird (94)
Staci Perkins Baird (92)
Chandler, Ariz.

Thank you for your interest in helping someone else and sharing your means to do so.
You can send your check to me at Kimball 220, Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho 83460
1655. I will make sure it gets to where you want it to go.
Dave Richards
Director of Development