A message from Devin Shaum, Director of the Ricks College Alumni Association 

The Spori What are your memories of the venerable Jacob Spori Building? Ricks College would like to know.

As plans proceed (see story below) with the eventual replacement of the building, a committee has been formed on campus to keep the memory of the Spori Building alive. As a member of the committee, I'd love to hear from you.
Call me toll free at 1-800-lds-alum (537-2586), e-mail me at alum@byui.edu
or write me at Alumni Office, 220 Kimball, Rexburg, ID 83460-1656.

What are your memories? Here are three samples gleaned from A Legacy of Love, an in-house publication for present and former Ricks College employees. (See our story A Legacy of Love in this magazine.) Maybe these examples will get you to thinking about your memories of the Spori. I hope to hear from you.

"Working in the Spori Building at night for about two years taught me fear of the unknown. The radiators would pound as the steam would go through them; other times sounds of babies crying, people moaning, floors creaking, and the sounds of people walking would set my nerves on end; the hair on the back of my neck would react strangely, seemingly I was always ready for instant flight." 
Norman B. Erickson, 1960-1980

"In the Spori Building I remember the classrooms and makeshift bookstore on the bottom floor, the Registrar's Office, and other rooms on the second floor with faculty offices on the landings in between the stairs leading up. My favorite was the library on the top floor. I was awed at the selection of books and reference material. It was here that I spent hours without end studying and learning." 
Lila Stucki Lawrence, former student (49)

"I was assigned to a classroom on the second floor of the Spori Building. One day I was teaching arts and crafts for teachers. We were working with dry clay. There was no budget for commercial clay. The students had to mix it with water and work it like bread dough. They pounded it and slammed it on the table. It must have felt like an earthquake below. As soon as class was dismissed, two of the professors from below came charging up to my classroom wanting to know what was causing the terrible noise. A search was immediately made to find a more suitable place for the Art Department 
on campus." 
Oliver Parson, art instructor, 1954 to 1979


After a rigorous selection process, the architectural firm FFRK of Salt Lake City was chosen to design a new structure that will be built on the same spot as the existing Spori Building. Plans should be completed sometime this summer with construction of the new building beginning in spring of 2001. The Spori Building will be vacated for the fall semester of 2000 and classes will be redistributed to other locations.

Currently, FFRK is designing a replacement of the LDS Church's historic Nauvoo Temple in Illinois. The firm also did the designs for both of Ricks College's most recent buildings--the Spencer W. Kimball Student and Administrative Services and the John Taylor Religion Building.

While the new building will not be a replica of the Spori Building, "We are interested in preserving the heritage of the Spori Building and have given the architects the charge to design a building that will tie the new building to the past," says James Smyth, chairman of the building committee and Administrative Vice President at Ricks.