Fall Summit 2003: Letter from the President
Letter from the President
President David A. Bednar

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Three years ago the Board of Trustees announced that Ricks College would become Brigham Young University–Idaho. If you have visited the campus lately, you have probably seen and sensed the enthusiasm surrounding what has become known as the “transition.” Considering where we were three years ago, having no real expectation that such an announcement was coming, we have moved a long way upon a most miraculous path.

Truly, this is an historic time. Change and growth are apparent in nearly every aspect of the institution. A short time ago we met with officials from the State Board of Nursing. It was interesting to hear their comments about the accomplishments that have taken place over the last three years—remarks that highlight the nature and scope of the changes taking shape all across campus.

Allow me to share with you a brief profile of the campus community and the progress we have made.

  • Fall semester’s student enrollment of approximately 10,500 meets projected levels.

  • Forty-nine baccalaureate programs are being implemented as planned.

  • New faculty and staff have been hired to facilitate growth.

  • Preparation for our official accreditation visit this spring is on track.

  • Several notable building projects have been completed, including the Gordon B. Hinckley Building and the newly dedicated Jacob Spori Building. Many other facilities across campus are still in various stages of construction.

  • The Activities Program is providing more opportunities for students to “act” through participation and leadership. 

  •  Most recently, much has been learned about serving an increasing number of students during the summer months.

While we are well on the way to meeting our initial objectives, much must still be accomplished. We must continually look for new and better ways to serve and bless students. As Elder Henry B. Eyring stated, “The school is to be a place of educational innovation—permanently.” The phrase “rethinking education” is not just a clever slogan. At BYU–Idaho it will be our hallmark for generations to come. It is who we are. It is what this institution is about. And it is what we will always be.

In this issue of Summit Magazine, you will learn even more about the progress taking place here on campus. I also encourage you to visit us frequently via the Internet at www.byui.edu and learn more about the latest happenings and development at BYU–Idaho.

For so many who have helped in various ways, I express my appreciation.


david a. bednar
President, Brigham Young University–Idaho