Dear Editor:

I want to thank you for always sending a great publication of the Summit to my door. I love hearing about old and new events at Ricks College. You do your jobs well. Keep up the great work!
Amber Gregory Smith (97)
Sacramento, Calif.

Dear friend:

Thank you so very much for allowing me to photocopy President Bednar’s devotional "Ye Are the Temple of God" for use in my Relief Society lesson. (Spring 2000 issue).

President Bednar’s words provided me a very special spiritual foundation for a lesson on temple blessings. I told the sisters that if they would prayerfully and humbly read and study "Ye Are the Temple of God" that they would never see themselves the same way again; that they would come to realize that their mortal body is not the stumbling block it sometimes appears, but one of the greatest gifts we possess, the key to gaining the greatest of all blessings—exaltation and eternal life.

Thank you for printing this very en-lightening message.

I have always enjoyed reading Summit and will be eternally grateful that someone chose to include "Ye Are the Temple of God." It has changed my life. I will never see myself or those around me the same way again. Oh, the majesty of this seemingly weak and hindering mortal body!
Margaret Barrett (64)
Pocatello, Idaho

In the spring 2000 issue I asked for your rememberances concerning Ricks College. Printed here are some of your replies. They have been edited, in some cases, due to space limitations. Thank you for sharing your feelings.

Steve Moser, editor

Dear Editor:

My fondest memories of Ricks College weren’t actually on campus, but on the Oregon coast where I accompanied the Discovery group as their cook.

It was five full weeks of excitement, beauty, and wonder.

With a light fog hanging over me and a lighthouse in the far distance, I remember sitting on the rocky shore of Sunset Bay (near Coos Bay, Ore.) and watching a group of students circle around Brother Jack Bond so he could teach them about the creatures that lived beneath their feet.

The scenery was breathtaking. With my camera ready, that night I sat with the group on the sandy beach, waiting for the sun to set along the horizon: what a sight!

I will never forget the trails, friendships, and testimony that we all grew to love and appreciate.
Kristen Bond Dunnells (98)
Rexburg, Idaho

Dear Editor:

I remember the devotionals and how I always came away feeling rejuvenated.

I remember the religion classes and how much I learned from them because I never got the chance to go to Seminary.

I remember the great spirit of Ricks; the spirit of God being on that campus no matter where you went; the fun of being somewhere where it was okay to love the Lord and talk about him with others.

I remember how it felt to get close to people and to know that they believed the same way that I do.

I also loved Family Home Evenings and the opportunity I had to bond with others and have them help me to learn and to grow.

I had never met any return missionaries my own age before, so it was a great privilege and strength to me to be there and hear and learn from their experiences. It helped me to have an even greater desire to serve a mission which I did and love so much.

Ricks College is the Lord’s school. It is such a wonderful place to be and has the greatest Spirit all around.
Elisha Newbill (94)
Keizer, Ore.

Dear Editor:

In 1977-78, as a freshman, I stayed in Dorm #1. Once a week we would have a dorm prayer in the lounge. During our last dorm prayer, we were privileged to have (now Elder) Bruce Hafen, Ricks’ new president join us. He was occupying a dorm apartment while preparing to take over as president and before his family moved to Rexburg.

This is what I wrote in my journal following the dorm prayer:

"I love Ricks—not the cold days or the buildings—but the people. The people are Ricks College. Those people who live happiest are those who live the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the letter of the law. It makes me feel so grand and great when I think that I have had the opportunity to live right and that I know what self discipline means. Ricks College has helped me see my weaknesses and my strengths. This is what Ricks College means to me."

I now have five children. My oldest is preparing to go on a mission. What Ricks College taught me has influenced my marriage and my children, and it will also touch my children’s children someday.

May the God of Heaven who guides this Church—and we pray this school and your lives—always be with you in your journey, wherever it may take you.
Marla King McLeod (79)
Kennesaw, Ga.

The following letter to the editor is from The Daily Universe, the BYU student newspaper and is reprinted here due to its timely content.

I was, like most, surprised by the announcement about Ricks College becoming Brigham Young University-Idaho. I am grateful for my experience I enjoyed there as a student. I am proud of my degree I earned there. A strong sense of nostalgia sets in when I think Ricks College will no longer be called that. However, I am excited for the institution’s academic future. It is an absolute reflection of the great progress the college has made and of the strides The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to make to offer to as many as possible the pleasure of receiving their education in a spiritual atmosphere.

I applaud the decision of the Board of Trustees. Although the name has changed the memory will always remain. Go Vikings!
Chad Hays (96)
Provo, Utah

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