Please create a requisition in Workday for these products.
Part Number
C1409 36 tissue boxes per case, or per individual boxes
T529 AAA Batteries
T531 9 Volt Batteries
T526 C Batteries
T527 AA Batteries
T529 D Batteries
O8 Dry Erase Marker Erasers
O9 Dry Drase Marker Cleaner
O11 Eraser Chalk Cleaner
O16 Black dry erase chisel
O17 Green dry erase chisel
O18 Red dry erase chisel
O19 Blue dry erase chisel
O22 Black dry erase bullet
O23 Red dry erase bullet
O24 Black Sharpie, King Size
O25 Air Duster Cleaner Canned Air 10 oz
O26 Black sharpie, retractable
O27 Red sharpie, retractable
O30 Red sharpie
O50 11 x 17 printer paper/ white
O51 Salmon ream of paper
O52 Buff ream of paper
O53 Blue ream of paper
O54 Pink ream of paper
O55 Green ream of paper
O56 Yellow ream of paper
O57 Goldenrod ream of paper
O58 Orchid ream of paper
O59 11 x 17 ream of paper, white
O62 President's Office paper
O63 Yellow Note Pads (8.5 x 11, 12-pack)
O64 8.5 x 11 three hole printer paper, white
O65 three hole ream of paper
O68 8.5 x 14 printer paper, white
O73 Salmon printer paper
O75 Blue printer paper case
O76 Pink printer paper case
O77 Green printer paper case
O78 Yellow printer paper case
O80 Goldenrod printer paper case
O81 Orchid printer paper case
O84 Orange - Brights ream
O85 Light Green - Brights ream
O86 Yellow - Brights ream
O87 Fuchia - Brights ream
O88 Pink - Brights ream
O89 Dark Green - Brights ream
O90 Rocket Red - Brights ream
O91 Light Blue - Brights ream
O93 Transparent Tape (1 roll)
O94 Small Sticky Notes (12-pack)
O95 Large Sticky Notes (3 x 3, 12-pack)
O96 Sheet Protectors (clear, 250-count)
O97 Paper Clips, Jumbo (10 boxes, 100 each)
O98 Paper Clips, Small (10 boxes, 100 each)