Receiving mail at BYU - Idaho

 How does mail get to individual employees?

 BYU - Idaho receives mail that has 83460 for the zip code

  1. University mail is sorted by a 4 digit mail stop number assigned to each department
  2. Mail Services delivers mail to department secretaries
  3. Department secretaries distribute your mail to your box


What is the 4-digit mail stop for your department?

For the list of assigned mail stops by department, please call (208) 496-2630.

What address should you use?

When you have something shipped to BYU-Idaho, it is important that your address shows information that will help us to expedite your mail to you. Some couriers need a street address (see receiving address example below), such as Fedex or UPS. When we receive your mail, your 4-digit mail stop helps us sort and deliver your mail to the correct place.

It is important for you to follow the example below when creating business cards, ordering online, subscribing to magazines, or verbally giving your information over the phone:

Address ComponentExample
 Name of University

 Brigham Young University-Idaho
 Name of Person  John Smith
 Name of Department  Chemistry
 "Locator Address"  123 Romney Bldg
 Receiving Address & Mail Stop (2)  525 S Center St Stop 0500
 City/State/Zip 4 (1)  Rexburg ID 83460-0500



  1. The last four digits of your Zip 4 must match the Mail Stop in the line above (to look up the 4-digit mail stop assigned to your department, click here).
  2. In the Receiving Address & Mail Stop line, it is important to have proper spacing between everything and no punctuation