Hot Food

Nachos $1.99

Hot Dogs $1.59

Polish Sausage $2.29

Tornado $1.09

Corn Dogs $1.09

Breakfast Burrito $3.09

Breakfast Sandwich $2.59

Taquitos 3/$1.00

Pizza Hot Pocket Sticks $1.09

Pizza Rolls $6.79/pound (approx. 10 for $2.00)


Fountain Drinks $1.00

Hot Chocolate $1.39

Apple Cider $1.39 

The MC Market is your quick, convenient stop for

Household items

Personal care items


Grocery items

Gum & candy

Candy bars


Snack foods

Frozen foods

Bottled soda & water

Nutrition bars

Ice cream

Milk & dairy items

And much more!