Catering Policies




Catered events must be approved and scheduled with Event Management before food orders will be taken by University Catering. Both University entities and outside community patrons must contact Campus Scheduling at (208) 496-3120 to schedule on-campus events. In the case of outside community events, facility and setup charges, separate from University Catering, may apply. Once the event is approved by Campus Scheduling, contact University Catering to place a catered event order as far in advance as possible. Menus and service details should be finalized seven (7) days prior to the scheduled event.


In an effort to reduce costs to the campus community, University Catering does not require gratuity for its services.


University Catering reserves the right to adjust prices for items outside the scope of regular services. Prices are subject to change.

Types of Catering Service—University Catering provides:

a. Catering services for the University and outside community.

b. Delivery services to campus locations and in Madison County.

c. Takeout orders for the campus and community at large.

Late Requests/Changes:

For catered events, campus delivery and takeout orders, there will be a late charge assessed for any late requests (i.e. menu or scope of service changes, subject to availability) made with less than three (3) business days notice.


For catered events, campus delivery and takeout orders, there is no charge for cancellations made at least three (3) business days prior to a scheduled event. Cancellations made less than three (3) business days prior to an event will be subject to a service fee of 50 percent of the event total. Cancellations within one (1) working day of the event will be charged the full amount of the event. Customers will be billed for any special orders on a cancelled event.


University Catering requires that each event and delivery order be prepaid. Takeout orders are to be prepaid or paid in full at time of pickup. Any additional charges accrued the day of the event will be billed the next business day. If payment is made through a Campus Purchase Order (CPO), or charged to an authorized business , the required account information must be furnished to University Catering prior to the event. University Catering accepts cash, checks, or Visa/MasterCard debit/credit cards.

Sundays and Monday Nights:

University Catering does not take orders for catered events, deliveries, or takeout orders on Sundays or on Monday nights after 6:00 p.m.

Return of University Catering Equipment/Property:

Customers are required to return all University Catering equipment and other property received as part of their delivery or takeout order by the next business day, unless pick-up arrangements are made and paid for. The on-campus pick-up charge is $25.00. In the event that equipment and other property are not returned as stated, automatic charges for pickup or purchase replacement will be assessed.

Damaged Equipment/Property:

Customers will be responsible for reimbursement to University Catering for the cost of any repairs or replacement of damaged equipment/ property as a result of negligence.


Definition of Catered Events:

A served or attended event involving set up, serving and take down services on campus or other University property locations.


Catered events are subject to a ten (10), or more meal order minimum.


A final guarantee number is required three (3) business days prior to a scheduled event. Additional guests added to the event within three (3) business days of the event will be charged an additional $5.00 each. Each event will be billed for the guaranteed number prior to the day of the event, and all events must be paid in full at that time. Any additions to guest count or to services provided are subject to product availability and will be added to the final bill. Events will be set for the final guarantee number only. Food and beverages will be prepared for the final guarantee number.

Substitutions and Multiple Entrée Selections:

Substitutions may be made for religious or dietary purposes exceeding 10 percent of the guarantee number will require an additional charge. All substitution changes must be confirmed at the time of guarantee. If multiple entrée selections are desired, an additional charge will be billed for each additional entrée.

Leftover Products:

Due to liability and safety concerns, all food and beverages left over from a catered buffet event remain the property of University Catering, and may not be removed from the location of service for any reason.


University Catering at BYU-Idaho makes every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with allergies; however, there is always a risk. Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of the risk.

University Catering will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed, or items customers may come in contact with while eating food prepared by University Food Services.