University Transitions to a Consolidated Communication Model

In September 2018, the university transitioned to a centralized communication model to improve student retention and success by:

  • consolidating and more effectively using resources
  • developing and prioritizing strategic messaging
  • communicating consistent, unified messages

Communication Model Overview

All project requests are submitted to the University Communications Strategy team for initial review.

Projects will be reviewed by the Strategic Communication Council for final approval and prioritization.

Centralized resources will be assigned to produce approved projects.

Projects will be measured to help refine and shape future messaging.

How it Works

  1. Review communication needs and project ideas with line management.
  2. Prepare to meet with an assigned University Communications Strategy representative to discuss how proposed projects align with departmental and university strategies.
  3. Define project objectives and desired outcomes.
  4. Plan well in advance of proposed completion dates to allow sufficient time for approvals and production.