Mail Services

Receiving & Sending Mail at BYU-Idaho

It is essential that all mail coming to or being sent from BYU-Idaho has a properly formatted address that will help us quickly identify you and your department.  For additional information regarding student mail at Centre Square apartments, please visit the link below.

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All properly formatted addresses include:

Unique Zip Code "83460"

  • Necessary to have a valid university address
  • Not using the correct zip code can cause delays or for mail to be marked "Undeliverable as Addressed" and returned to sender by the USPS.

Department 4-Digit Stop Code

  • Assigned to each department
  • Quickly identifies the building and department of an employee
  • Helps to eliminate guessing and allows mail to be processed and delivered efficiently

Download a printable version of the Receiving and Sending Mail Guidelines for your office.

Sending Mail

For all mail being sent from BYU-Idaho, please format your documents and return address using the Office Communication Guide and download official logos on the BYU-Idaho Branding Site.

Sending Mail Requirements

  • Return address should be in the upper left corner away from the delivery address
  • Full name of the university needs to be spelled out completely and return address should include "83460" and your department mail stop
  • Both the return address and delivery address should have a uniform left margin

Minimum Return Address Example

When formatting your return address, at a minimum you should use lines a, b, and e:

a) Department Name

b) Name of University spelled out

e) City, state, "83460" zip code and department mail stop


A close-up of a BYU-Idaho return address with the address lines labeled: a) Mail Services b) Brigham Young University-Idaho c) 140 Auxilliary Services Building d) 525 S Center St Stop 8000 e) Rexburg, ID 83460-8000

Receiving Mail

Complete Shipping Address Example

When ordering online some website forms only allow you to enter up to 3 lines, and may or may not allow you to enter your stop code next to the zip code.

At a minimum you should use lines a, d, and e, customized to a specific person or department:

a) Your name or name of your department

d) Our physical shipping/receiving address including stop code

e) City, state, and "83460" zip code


An envelope with the shipping address lines labeled: a) Mail Services b) Brigham Young University-Idaho c) 140 ASB d) 525 S Center St Stop 8000 e) Rexburg, ID 83460-8000


If your department is moving or you have questions regarding your department mail stop code contact Mail Services at the Auxiliary Services building.

The office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM. Call 208.496.2630 or 208.496.2631 or contact by email at