Asbestos Policy
Asbestos Summary

NOTE: Asbestos surveys have been completed on surface and accessible building materials.  If demolition and extensive remodeling is anticipated, the Asbestos Inspector should be notified to conduct a sub-surface inspection of building materials for asbestos prior to demolition.

Appendix 1 - Asbestos Inventory (Located in the Physical Plant secretary's office)

Buildings for which initial asbestos inventories have been completed:

Austin, Aux. Services, Benson, Clarke, Hart, Heat Plant, Kirkham, Manwaring Center, McKay Library, Romney, Smith, Snow, Women's Dorms.

New buildings that do not contain asbestos:

Hinckley, Kimball, Ricks, Spori, Taylor, Health and Counseling Center and Radio and Graphic Services

Buildings for which an asbestos inventory needs to be completed.  The order in which the buildings will be inventoried will be according to the priorities obtained from the Physical Plant:

Farm Shop, Men's Dorms, Physical Plant, Livestock Center