First aid kits strategically placed about the campus are solely provided for basic first aid treatment and are not meant to replace the care or treatment from a qualified medical professional.

If there is a life-threatening emergency, it is imperative that you call 911 immediately!

Steps to take in an emergency:

  • For life-threatening conditions, call 911 immediately on a campus phone or 496-3000 on a cell phone.
  • Send someone to meet the emergency crew, if possible.
  • An incident report should be completed and turned in immediately after any emergency to the Director of the University Safety Office.

Each first aid kit contains only basic first aid supplies such as a CPR mask, gloves, assorted bandages, tape, alcohol, and antiseptic wipes. * Please note that these first aid kits do not hold any oral medications such as acetaminophen or aspirin or topical antibiotic as stipulated by OSHA standards. Anything more than a minor cut or scrape should be followed up by a visit to the Health Center on campus. It is the student's responsibility for any charges that were incurred in the event of an emergency.

First aid kits are strategically placed throughout the campus. The Building Coordinator on each floor of each building will have these at their work stations/offices.  First aid kit location signs are posted to direct you to the nearest first aid kit.

First Aid Kit Refills

It is recommended that campus first aid kits be checked on a quarterly basis every August, November, February, and May.

Completed refill checklists should be forwarded to the Safety Office. We suggest you keep a photocopy of the completed checklist to document when your first aid kit was last checked. Available supplies will be sent within a week of receipt of the refill checklist. The Safety Office is not able to stock large quantities of each item, it may take some time to replace certain items pending order and delivery of such item. If your first aid kit refills have not been sent to you within a week, please check with the Safety Office regarding the status of your refill.

Your cooperation in ensuring our kits are adequately stocked is much appreciated! We encourage our faculty and staff to integrate and involve the students in their area to check their first aid kits. This is a great practice for them in familiarizing them with not only with supplies but also the process of maintaining a healthy and safe work environment.

For refills of campus first aid kits or campus emergency posters, questions or concerns, you may email