Hazard(s) Reporting Procedure

Students and staff are encouraged to report any potential safety concerns or safety suggestions by using the online Hazard Report form below.  This is an excellent opportunity for the campus community to become involved in safety and promote awareness.

Types of safety concerns to report here may include:
    a.  General Workplace and Office Safety
    b.  Fire Safety
    c.  Laboratory Safety
    d.  Environmental Issues

Do not use this form to report an emergency or an immediate life threatening hazard, call 911.

Do not use this form to report a work-related injury or illness.  Report such injuries or illnesses to the Safety Office using the Work Related Injury/Illness Report Form or by calling the Safety Office at 496-2457.

All other accidents that occur on campus should be reported as soon as possible to the Safety Office using the Injury/Incident Report Form.   Accident reports should be filed for any individual (or for property damage) including university students and visitors.

If you would like to report hazardous materials for pickup, please see the Hazardous Materials Pickup and Disposal Procedures Page.

Hazard Report Form

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