1/8 gallon flush urinals on all new construction
saving 87.5% over existing urinals.
1 gallon retrofit urinals for all replacement urinals.
Saving 72% of water used over existing urinals
Low consumption toilets that use 1.2 gallons per
flush is our retrofit and new construction standard,
saving 2.3 gallons per flush or ~54% over existing toilets.

Low flow lawn sprinkler heads that reduce water
consumption by more than 50%. Certified lawn
irrigation technicians that have been trained in
designing and managing irrigation systems
with the lowest amounts of water possible.
Converting water cooled chillers over to air cooled
chillers wherever possible. As water consumption
is reduced there is a corresponding decrease in
sewer. Figure 8 shows that through these init-
iatives that BYU-Idaho has not increased its
overall water usage in 5 years, even as sq. footage
has increased, as well as the student population.


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