Frequently Asked Questions

Why has BYU-Idaho changed some of the light switches on campus?

The new switches are Occupancy Sensors and they are part of an initiative to reduce the amount of electricity used at BYU-Idaho.  They detect movement in the classroom and turn off when no one is present.

Some Facts:

    -Approximately 1100 sensors have been installed on Campus, at a cost of ~$50,000.

    -Rocky Mountain Power gave us an incentive rebate of ~$38,000!  This makes the net project cost just $12,000!

    -Watts saved on campus each day: ~2,112,000 (yes, that over 2 MILLION!).

    -Dollars saved on campus each day: ~$126.72, which works out to a yearly savings of ~$46,253.

    -ROI (Return on Investment): just 4.5 months!

The next phase will be to install them in all the classrooms, which will save ~ 4,000,000 watts per day - tripling the amount of money saved each day.