Sustainability has become a front-page issue as the global economy continues to expand. Both in the U.S. and abroad, the world economy's growth is directly tied to natural resources. BYU-I's continued growth is no different and will require reliable, fairly priced resources to provide everything from cleaning supplies to electricity.

Natural Resources are vital to BYU-I's core business of educating students, these resources include coal, natural gas, electricity, water, and building materials. Due to the scale of BYU-I's operations, the cost to procure and deliver these resources in support of the University costs millions of dollars every year. Sustainability on the campus focuses on establishing a comprehensive sustainability strategy for the school.

In addition, BYU-I seeks to stay abreast of new technologies, identify opportunities and methods to encourage consumption management, and implement energy conservation projects. As new facilities are built they will be delivered in alignment with the BYU-I comprehensive energy/sustainability plan.

The BYU-Idaho Sustainability initiative seeks to educate students and the community about resource management, provide meaningful employment and leadership experiences to BYU-Idaho Students, and provide valuable service to the community.