Applications can be completed a maximum of one semester in advance (i.e., on the first day of Fall Semester, you can apply for a date in Winter Semester). The lodge is available for reservation from September through the first weekend of June.

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Map to Quickwater:  Spring/Fall  Winter

Lodge Reservations Guidelines

  • Reservation requests must be made by submitting a completed Lodge Application. Please note you may list 2 separate dates of when you wish to attend. 
  • Reservation requests received through the first full week of the semester will be gathered and noted when they were received. If multiple requests for a particular weekend are received, we will work to accommodate as many groups as possible. We understand the first 4 weeks of the semester are in the highest demand. When making reservation assignments for these weeks, we will look at when the request was made and when the specific group was accommodated last. Our goal is to allow as many groups the opportunity throughout the calendar year as possible.
  • You will receive an email confirmation with your request once you have officially been scheduled on the Lodge Calendar.


The entrance to the Quickwater lodge is 1.7 miles from the blinking light in Victor, on the right side of highway 33. Travel down this dirt road approximately ½ mile and you will see the Quickwater lodge on the left side. The large lodge on the right side is the owner's private home.


The barn is located on the dirt road right before you arrive at the lodge location. The owner has requested that vehicles be parked in the barn parking area after unloading.


Quickwater has a nice industrial-sized kitchen for preparing and cooking meals for large groups (up to 30 participants). There is a large dinning area, which can also be used for training when groups are between 30 - 35 participants. The training room can accommodate up to 30 participants. Along with the soft sofas and chairs, there are plastic chairs for sitting.

Quickwater Ranch Facilities - Sleeping

There are two separate lofts in the lodge. Typically young men sleep in the loft above the kitchen and young ladies sleep in the loft above the training room. If there are more young ladies than young men (or vise versa), they can also sleep in the training room with the same gender in the adjacent loft with the adult supervisor's approval. Quickwater has only one bathroom inside the lodge. However there are two bathrooms in the bathhouse 15 feet from the lodge.

The Bathhouse:

The Bathhouse is located 15 feet from lodge. It has two bathrooms. Each bathroom has running water, flush toilets, and a shower.

Duplex Cabin:

There is a duplex cabin approximately 50 feet from the lodge. This cabin is primarily used for sleeping quarters or for small group breakout sessions. The walk path is not cleared of snow in the winter. Each side of the duplex has a main floor with a small living room, a bunk bed, bathroom and shower.

The Quickwater Lodge can accommodate up to 30 people comfortably (35 if necessary) for training purposes. It is equipped with an industrial-sized kitchen; refrigerator and freezer; cooking and serving utensils (located in a purple bin in a side room off the kitchen). The Quickwater lodge does not have any media equipment.

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