Emergency Procedures

1. Call Campus Police (phone 911) to obtain assistance in the event of an emergency. Report the nature and location of the emergency, including your building, floor number, and room number.

2. Notify other workers in the area of the nature of the emergency. If necessary, activate the fire alarm to order the evacuation of the building. When the fire alarm sounds, all personnel, without exception, are required to leave the building.

3. If a coworker has ingested a toxic substance, have the victim drink large amounts of water (never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person). Attempt to learn exactly what substances were ingested and inform Campus Police as soon as possible.

4. If a coworker is bleeding severely, elevate the wound above the level of the heart and apply firm pressure directly over the wound with a clean cloth, handkerchief, or your hand. Obtain immediate medical assistance.

5. Do not touch a person in contact with a live electrical circuit - disconnect the power first!


Chemical Hygiene Policy