Rental Fleet Vehicle Program Changes


In an effort to better meet the needs of the University, Fleet Service is making changes to our vehicle rental procedures.  Main differences are:

  1. We are moving to a Web based rental program called FleetCommander.
  2. You will need to enter your LDS account name and password to enter the site.
  3. There will be better instructions as to how to rent a vehicle.
  4. Key Box operation will be smoother for all.

In order to implement this program you will need to go to the following website:

You may post this address to your bookmarks because this is the location you will make all your reservations from in the future.  You may also go to the Universities web site and go to Employees, Services and Resources, then to Vehicle Rentals and the same site will come up.

When you get there, click on" Sign up now"on the left-had side.  DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY PUT IN YOUR LDS ACCOUNT USERNAME AND PASSWORD.  FILL OUT THE PROFILE UNDER "SIGN UP NOW".  Be sure to set the site location as BYU Idaho.  When you get to the question of User Name,  you will need to enter your LDS account username.  Your LDS user name and password is the same one you us when working on Family Search, Indexing or signing in to LDS.Org.  If you don't have the user name and password you can go to Fleet Commander's home page and under LDS Account information click on LDS Account , you will need your membership number that you can obtain from your Temple Recommend or from your membership clerk.

Continue filling out the sign up now form.  We will especially need your email address , phone number and Supervisor's information.

When completed please hit "Save Registration".  This will send us your information.  Once we have approved your sign up information you will receive an acknowledgement email from us.  Once you have received this confirmation you are good to make your reservations using Fleet Commander.

Please be aware that we are in the final stages of implementing this program but we would like as many people as possible to complete the Sign up now  form prior to going live.  We will send you an email letting you know when we have changed over to the new program.  You do not need to worry about previous reservations that you have made, we will transfer them to the new program. 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Sign up now form.  We feel this will be a help to you and to us as we try to manage a small group of rental vehicles and a large group of customers.

Matt Grover

Fleet Services