CEF Chiller

Currently under contract to add a new Centrifugal Steam Driven Chiller to the existing Chiller Plant in the Central Energy Facility.  Construction will begin January 2019 and will complete by January 2020.  This project will add chilled water capacity to the Science and Technology Center, Austin, Manwaring Center, Hart and BYU Idaho Center.

Upper Playfields 1 and 2 Turf Replacement

This project will be replacing the current fabric on fields 1 and 2 and will include subgrade repairs.  Additional anchors will be placed for soccer goals.  Project will start Mid-July 2019 and complete Mid-September 2019.

University Village Community Center

A 6,000 Square Foot gathering space for the tenants at University Village will start construction April 2019 and complete April of 2020.  This space will include a music practice room, kitchen, exercise room and a location for families to gather.

Hart MEP

This project will upgrade the mechanical, electrical and plumbing in the Hart building including the swimming pool filtration system.  Spaces that will be affected will include mechanical rooms, locker rooms and the pool.  Construction will start April 2019 and complete December of 2020.

Student Health Center and Snow Buildings Reroof

This project will be reroofing sections of the Student Health Center and Snow Building roofs.  Project will begin June 2019 and complete September 2019.

Romney HVAC, Ceiling and Lighting Upgrade

This project will consist of the replacement of VAV boxes, ceilings and lighting in several rooms in the Romney Building.  The project will coincide with a Facilities Maintenance project that will include paint and flooring upgrades in several spaces.  This project will focus primarily on the west side of the building.  Project is scheduled to begin Mid-July 2019 and complete Mid-September 2019.

Benson Lighting Upgrade

This project will be replacing existing lighting through out the Benson building.  Work will begin Mid-July and will finish September of 2019.

Project Under Consideration: Dance Department Relocation

Design work is underway to relocate the dance department into the Hart Building.  We will then be looking to remodel the existing dance space in the Manwaring Center for Career and Internship Services.  Tentative start date, Spring Semester 2019 and completion April of 2020.

Project Under Consideration: Kirkham Demolition and Ceramics Lab Relocation

Currently seeking approval for the Board of Directors to raze the Kirkham Building and displace the Ceramics and Sculpture labs temporarily elsewhere on campus.  All functions of the Kirkham building will take place in other buildings on campus. Work may begin as early as May 2019.