MC Crossroads Platform

The MC Crossroads Platform will be extended with a permanent platform. Work will begin mid August.

MC Welcome Center

The current information desk in the Manwaring Center will be remodeled into a new Welcome Center for those coming to campus

2022 CMPS Concrete Replacement

Due to the increased deteriation of concreate the university has decided to make substantial repairs to the staircases surrounding the MC as well as large portions of sidewalks throughout campus.

2022 CMPS Asphalt

BYU-Idaho conducts needed asphalt repair on streets and parking lot areas each summer session. This summer work will take place in the Pioneer lots, Science and Technology Center lot, Sage Street lot, Benson south lot, Agriculture Mechanics Lot and Upper playfields lot.

Ben 229 Remodel

This remodel will convert the existing computer lab into a teaching space with a new laboratory and fixed workstations. Work will begin early Spring 2022.

Benson 190 Remodel

Benson 190 will be remodeled into office spaces, drawing room and IBC space.


The elevators in the Kimball and Snow building will be replaced during 2022.

Spori Roofing

The university will be replacing the shingles on the Spori and University Villiage Married Housing buildlings.This work will take place during the spring and summer sessions. 
Portions of the McKay and Austin building roofs will also be replaced. (Material procurement may push these project ot 2023)

2022 HVAC

The Hinkley building will undergo extensive HVAC upgrades as 32 fan coil units will be replaced in 6 mechanical rooms. This work will be phased over the Spring and Summer semesters. The chiller serving the Spori building will be replaced during summer session. There will be no cooling in the building during this work. The current University Operations Buildilng chiller will be removed. The building will then be connected to the Central Plant chiller system. This work will close Physical Plant Way to parking and traffic. The project is scheduled to complete Fall of 2022.

2022 Hart Phase Three

We will be adding a new spinning classroom, the main gym will be reconfigured with an ADA compliant access and opportunities for multi-use events. Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms for faculty and students are undergoing remodels. The Wellness Center is being expanded and the Racketball Courts are getting AC.