2021 Clarke Fire Alarms

The Clark Building will undergo a file alarm update.

2021 CMPS Asphalt Replacement

The asphalt surfaces on BYU-Idaho's main campus undergo routine maintenance and replacement as needed to keep them in good serviceable condition. This project is for the anticipated 2021 asphalt chip seal, slurry coat and crack seal. Construction will take place during the summer months of 2021.

2021 CMPS Concrete Replacement

Due to the increased deteriation of concreate the university has decided to make substantial repairs to the staircases surrounding the MC as well as large portions of sidewalks throughout campus.

2021 Campus Sewer Line Retrofit

The sewer line east of the MC will undergo replacement during the summer session. 

2021 Ricks Chiller Replacement

There will be a replacement of the building chillder. Work will be completed during the summer session. 

2021 Campus Red Loop Design

Demolition of the Kirkham building has required the university to reconfigure the underground high voltage services for the North side of campus. There will be several building power outages as we complete a new and better controlled power distribution.

2021 Mckay Library HVAC Fanwall

There will be a replacement of the ventalation system on the east side of the McKay building. Work will primarily be done in the mechinaical room but the heating and cooling system will be shut down. Project will happen during the summer session. 

2021 Romney HVAC Lighting and Ceiling

Ceiling lights and HVAC equipment will be replaced on the east side, first floor of the Romney Building the lighting upgrades will provide energy efficiency to the building.

2021 Engineering Technology Center / Axillary Services Building Academic Remodel

The ASB will be remodeled to provide additional lab space for the growing Construction Management, Automotive, and Civil Engineering Degrees. The new facility will be called the ETC (Engineering Technology Center) It will be open for academic use April 2022

2021 Hart Phase Three

We will be adding a new spinning classroom, the main gym will be reconfigured with an ADA compliant access and opportunities for multi-use events. Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms for faculty and students are undergoing remodels. The Wellness Center is being expanded and the Racketball Courts are getting AC.

2021 I-Center Light Replacement

The lighting in the I-Center Courts will be upgraded to new led lights.