The Theatre Department provides many resources to help current students succeed in their studies. Theatre students can find assistance with internships, scholarships, recommended plays, and department policies.


Theatre internships will provide students with unique professional exposure that can't be found in the classroom. The experiences gained during a theatre internship will help students make decisions about future careers in the dance world.

It may take some time to find an internship that fits with a student's schedule, interests, and career goals. Students should be aware of the requirements and possible required preparation time in order to plan accordingly.

Getting Approved

All theatre internships must be pre-approved and registered for before a student begins their internship experience. 

To be approved, students need to complete necessary prerequisites and complete an internship approval form on I-Plan.

After approval, a master agreement will be emailed to the internship provider. It is then the student's responsibility to ensure that their internship provider submits the master agreement.


Interested in earning tuition money? Academic theatre scholarships and the Theatre Talent Award are awarded to eligible students, regardless of major. To be considered, students must have high scholastic achievement and participate in plays or take at least one theatre class per semester.

New Student Application

Returning Student Application


Fall Semester: May 1st

Winter Semester: October 1st

Spring Semester: February 1st

Recommended Play Reading List

The following lists are suggested plays that students are encouraged to become familiar with throughout their time of study at BYU-Idaho. Study of these suggested authors and plays will provide a basis for further reading and learning.



Policies for the Department of Theatre and Dance maintains an open audition policy for theatre productions. Students of all majors may enroll in Theatre courses. Students of all majors, staff, faculty, and friends may audition for productions, although casting preference is always given to qualified, on-track Theatre students.

Theatre production participants who are current students are required to take 1-2 credits of TA260R, 360R, or 460R. The syllabi for these courses define the production expectations to the students.

Dress and Grooming

While involved in the production, all participants - even non-students and off-track students - will commit to adhere to BYU-Idaho standards, including dress and grooming standards. The spirit of the Honor Code encourages neatness, cleanliness, and modesty. In some theatre classes and for rehearsals and performances you are asked to wear clothing or costumes that facilitate the movement required or are suited to the character. Students are not allowed to wear costumes or rehearsal attire outside of the rehearsal or performance area. Any questions regarding appropriate attire should be directed to the instructor.