Dear Applicant,

We are excited to help you get started into the Nursing Program.

In order to take the Pre-Admission Exam, you need to follow these important steps

  1. Register for the exam
    1. Access the Registration Page
      1. In case you need the URL
    2. Click on the blue Register button
    3. Click on Redeem/Checkout (don’t worry its free, you will be paying for the actual exam in step 2)
    4. You will need to provide your BYU-Idaho information on the registration page
      1. BYUI-Email Address
      2. Student ID (optional) = Your I-Number
      3. In case you forgot, BYU-Idaho is located in Rexburg, Idaho
      4. You will also select the program you are applying for
      5. You can choose if you want promotions or not (not recommended)

            e. Click Continue

    2. Pay for the exam

            a.  Access the payment portal.

                     i. In case you need the URL

                    ii. You will want to pay for the  HESI A2 Pre-Admission Exam (Nursing)


    3. Make an Appointment

           a. Please have the following information ready:

                     i. Your username that you just created (should be in your email box after registration)

                    ii. Your receipt number from paying for the test

                   iii. 5 hours to take the exam

                   iv. 3 best times for you that fit your schedule

                          + The area where you will be taking your test is open M 8 – 5 and T – F 8 – 8

           b. You may contact the testing center by phone 208 496 1760 or by email

We wish you success in your test and future as a nursing professional.

Good luck,

The Testing Center Staff