+Finding an Off-Campus Proctor

If your course is using off campus proctoring, and you are within 30 miles of BYUI, we request that you take your tests in the BYU-Idaho Testing Center. Otherwise, you will need to find an approved proctor.

What is a proctor?

 A proctor is a qualified person willing to monitor your exam. They have a responsibility to facilitate fairness and integrity during testing situations. If you are not able to take an exam at the BYU-Idaho testing center, you will need to make other arrangements with a qualified proctor or testing center.

 Who qualifies as a proctor?

·        Staff at an approved testing center

·         A teacher

·         A school or public librarian

·         A school principal or superintendent

·         An employed seminary teacher (not volunteer), seminary principal, or director of an LDS Institute

·         A guidance counselor or member of a counseling staff

·         A qualified Testing Center from the Consortium of College Testing Centers.

If the proctor is the student's relative, friend, tutor, supervisor, athletic (or assistant) coach, they may not proctor the exam.

Exams must be administered at the proctor's place of business never at the proctor's home or the student's home.


If you have any questions regarding suitable proctors, please contact Testing Services: 

E-mail (preferred)onlinetesting@byui.edu

Phone:  (208) 496-1760

Hours:  8 a.m. - 8 p.m. (Mountain Time) 

+Requesting an Off-Campus Proctor

How do I get my proctor authorized?

1) The student notifies BYU-Idaho that they have located a proctor

After you have found a proctor to administer your exam click on the button below and fill out the Proctor Request Form. Please respond to every item requested on the form. Incomplete or inaccurate information will cause delays in providing your proctor with permission to proceed with the exams. Please note, only ONE request is need for one class.

                                                 Proctor Request Form

Please allow 2 full business days for us to provide instructions to the proctor!

2) BYU-Idaho contacts the proctor

After you have filled out and submitted the proctor form, BYU-Idaho will respond to the Proctor with the instructions and passwords for the test and the student will be notified that they may now set a time and date for the test to be taken.  It is the student's responsibility to contact the proctor to set up an appointment to take each individual exam. Proctors or testing centers may charge a fee to administer the exam which the student is responsible to pay. Please remember to give us two full working days to contact the Proctor. Please remember that we are not in the office on weekends and Holidays. 

+Proctoring Other Universities exams in the BYUI Testing Center

The Brigham Young University-Idaho Testing Center provides proctoring services to individuals that need to take an exam offered through another institution or organization. 

To make arrangements for your test to be proctored at the BYU-Idaho Testing Center please contact:

BYU-Idaho Testing Services
525 South Center  STOP 0780
Rexburg, Idaho 83460

Phone: 208-496-1760