Early Practicum
Regularly visit an elementary school classroom early in your college career and teach students one-on-one, in small groups, and in entire class settings.

Infant Intervention with Infants
In the home, students will collaborate and mentor families with ideas and strategies that support their infant's developmental needs. Students will also create developmentally appropriate activities for infants with a parent coaching approach.

Infant / Toddler Lab
Learn to collaborate with families and professionals in meeting and developing toddlers’ needs through play-based learning in this hands-on lab experience working with children aged 18-36 months.

Preschool Lab
Focus on collaboration, cooperation, child guidance, and other essential skills during this hands-on experience while working with preschool-aged children.

Literacy Practicum
Work directly with elementary students in teaching literacy skills and alongside teachers to learn class management skills.

Senior Practicum
Gain real-life experience as you work alongside a mentor teacher and acquire skills in managing a classroom, designing curriculum, and collaborating with peers and professionals in a kindergarten setting.

Student Teaching
Adventure to one of our in-state/out-of-state partner schools and work in a public classroom as a student teacher in both general and special classrooms.