A mentor will help you build habits for success in many general life-skills.

Life-Skills Mentoring Topics  

Basic Health, Wellness, and Safety 

  • Battling homesickness  
  • Building a healthy lifestyle 
  • Basic health care 
  • Keeping Safe and Avoiding Risky Behaviors   
  • Basic House Cleaning 
  • Understanding Insurance 
  • Basic Kitchen Skills and Safety 

Social Skills and Development 

  • Decision Making 
  • Connecting with BYUI  
  • Making Friends  
  • Basic Dating Etiquette  
  • Roommate Relationships 
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Professional Etiquette by college department 

Navigating Life Away From Home 

  • Getting to Know BYUI Resources  
  • Seeking Assistance or Fixing a Problem   
  • Understanding Contracts and Apartment Leases   
  • Paying Taxes 
  • How to Renew your Driver’s License  
  • Obtaining Vehicle Registration, License Plates, Parking Permits  
  • Obtaining and Maintaining Bank Accounts  
  • Registering to Vote  
  • Using the U.S. Postal System 

Out in the world – traveling to and from campus 

  • Travel safety   
  • Protect personal items in a crowd   
  • When to leave a tip    

Things to Know as a Married Student    

  • Plan financially together  
  • Planning meals for two  
  • FAFSA as a newly married couple  
  • Insurance
  • Paying bills together  
  • Medical costs  
  • Planning for the cost of a baby  
  • Being social as a married couple  
  • Creating your own family traditions
  • Applying for a green card 

Keys to Personal Success  

  • Time Management
  • Decision Making   
  • Maintaining a positive attitude   
  • Building self-esteem
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Set goals and plan to achieve them
  • Teamwork – making the most of it
  • Entrepreneurial skills