A mentor will teach principles of Grit and Growth Mindset and help you to apply the principles over time to help you reach your greatest potential.

Mentoring Descriptions:

Goal Setting:

Help you connect how a growth mindset helps you make effective goals and plans to accomplish them.

The power of YET:

Go further into the philosophy behind a growth mindset and how it helps you see that change and improvement is attainable in areas where you could not see before.

Effective Feedback:

Helps you see the value of feedback and see challenges as an opportunity to learn and become better.


Develop a Fascination:

Learn the principles of Grit and work with a mentor to find something you are passionate about.

Schedule Daily Improvement:

Your mentor will help you to stay accountable to your improvement plan by setting goals, and checking in on your progress.

Find the Greater Purpose:

Discover how the idea you are passionate about fits into the big picture and increase your level of dedication.

Adopt a Growth Mindset:

Learn how your mindset affects your ability to succeed.