A financial mentor will help you develop the habits for financial wellness, set appropriate goals and help you gain control of your finances.


Identify what a budget is and walk through the steps of establishing a plan to spend your money wisely.

  • Learn how to use the BYUI Financial Planning Tool.
  • Gain insight into what a budget is and the importance of keeping one.
  • Apply budgeting principles such as the Cash and Automatic Payment Systems.
  • Learn how to become a steward of your personal finances.

Debt Management:

Explore different types of debt and how to navigate the “world of debt” with a wise and healthy strategy.

  • Understand debt, interest, common forms of debt, and how they work.
  • Examine basic principles of debt management and strategies of eliminating debt such as the Snowball Effect and the Avalanche Method.
  • Establish a plan to manage debt that will work for you and evaluate personal spending habits.
  • Learn how sacrificing your wants and time can help you get out of debt.


Learn how college students can approach saving and budgeting money.

  • Understand why saving money is important.
  • Create an emergency fund, analyze the priorities of tithing, savings, and expenses.
  • Evaluate your semester financial plan and adjust it.
  • Take accountability for your finances by becoming self-reliant.
  • Learn how giving back through volunteering and different service opportunities expedites self-reliance.