What is the purpose of a mentor?

Your mentor’s primary purpose will be to help you discover, understand and access campus resources. They should be a friend whom with you feel comfortable sharing with.

Will meeting with a mentor require extra work on my part?

No, mentors will be helpful but not overbearing. They will not give you homework or projects, although they may help you set goals if you feel it is appropriate.

How can I benefit from a mentor?

Utilizing a mentor will enable you to make better decisions faster and enable you to recognize and take advantage of the countless opportunities and resources offered at BYU-Idaho.

Do all new students receive mentors?

Yes, beginning Fall 2016 all Freshman are given access to a peer mentor to assist them their first semester.

Do I have to meet with my mentor?

No, while you are not required to meet with your mentor, they will be trained and ready to help meet your needs during your first semester.

What is the difference between a Heber J. Grant Mentor and a First Year Mentor?

First Year Mentors will provide a basic level of mentoring to all new students. Heber J. Grant Mentors will provide in-depth mentoring to a select population of incoming students.

Are conversations with mentors kept private?

Yes, mentors will respect the privacy of their students.

What types of services can a mentor provide?

If you happen to be falling behind in a class, your mentor could help you access the online tutoring videos or maybe set up a meeting with a tutor or a group study session in the library. If needed your mentor could also help you find time management tools available through the counseling center or access the IT departments iLearn 3 tutorials.

When is it appropriate to get help from my mentor?

Anytime you have a need. Your mentor will be able to help you or direct you to the appropriate resource.