Animal Services

Visit and help a local animal shelter by cleaning the dog kennels, maintaining the grounds, and walking and petting the animals. Contact Jacob for more details, 208-709-7390.

Time: Every other Saturday beginning Jan. 16, 9 am-12 pm  
Location: Snake River Animal Shelter, 3000 Lindsay Blvd, Idaho Falls

Blood Drive  

American Red Cross comes onto our campus for a day. There is a huge need for volunteer blood donors. Sign up to donate at and type in the sponsor code: BYUID. Select a specific time to come in. Walk-ins are okay if space is still available.

Time: February 24-26 and March 3-6, 2021, 9am-3:00pm   
Location: BYU-I Center Court 4

Service Home Evening Activity

Bring your Home Evening group to do a simple service project together.

Time: Mondays, 7-8 pm  
Location: Manwaring Center Crossroads southwest raised area

Grandparent Pen Pals 

Write a letter to a person in a local nursing home. Share what’s important to you and ask for the person to respond by sharing what’s important to them. Commit to maintaining regular correspondence for 3-months or more. (Call Cody @ 208.859.0375 for details)

Mobility Assistance

Give assistance to students and patrons who need help getting around campus. This includes those who need help on the snow and ice, those who have disabilities, those with injuries from a car accident or sports injury, etc. Contact Matty for more information, 503-809-9365.

Pursuit of Happiness

Provide little acts of kindness for fellow students throughout the semester. Examples include helping new students and campus visitors to find their way around campus and writing notes of encouragement.

Special Needs: Life Skills

A weekly class where we teach our friends who have special needs an everyday skill, such as planting a flower, ballroom dancing, or even how to roast the perfect s’more! Call Autumn for details,  530-957-4010.

Time: Every Thursday (during the semester), 7-8 pm 
Location: Hinckley 286 

Special Needs: Hands

An arts and crafts class where we get to learn cool new crafts with our friends who have special needs. Call Autumn for details,  530-957-4010.

Time: Every Wednesday (during the semester), 7-8 pm
Location: Hinckley 286

Special Needs: Institute

Half an hour of student-run, gospel-centered teachings with our friends with special needs. Call Autumn for details,  530-957-4010.

Time: Every Monday (during the semester), 4:30-5 pm
Location: Hinkley 221 

Stop ‘N Serve

We always have projects available for anyone who wants to stop and serve. So if you have a minute or an hour, there is always something to do.

Time: During normal office hours 
Location: Activities and Involvement Center, Manwaring Center 101