Description and Student Contacts Service Activities Programs/Events

For further questions please email or call 208-496-7300

For big group scheduling can also contact Ashley Hiatt or Brandon Verdoni, contact info below

Directors:  Ashley Hiatt (336) 978-1607 and Brandon Verdoni (480) 280-2069


Student contacts: Brayden Roberts (208-890-8191) or Braxton Cook (208 221-8203) or Josh Soto (901-687-9788)

Special Needs Hands:

An arts and crafts class that takes place in the Hinckley building where we get to learn cool new crafts with our friends who have special needs in the community. Location Hinckley 286 @ 7:00 pm Wednesdays (10-30 students)

Special Needs Life skills:

Weekly class where we teach our friends who have special needs an everyday skill, such as a planting a flower, ballroom dancing, or even how to roast the perfect s’more! Location: Hinckley 286 @ 7:00 pm Thursdays (10-30 students)

Special Need Events:

Our monthly events are very fun because we come together and eat cotton candy, show off our talents, and have a great time. We have variety things like dances, talent shoes, heroes’ night, etc. (50 + students)

Special Needs Institute:

Half and hour of student run gospel centered teachings held in the Hinkley room 221 from 4:30-5pm on Mondays (10 students)


Student contacts: Gabriela Pino (786-443-3162) or Minhoru Cotache (617-735-5524)

Truck Tuesdays:

Every third Tuesday of the month put together food boxes for people in local community Location: (4915 S Hwy 191 Rexburg, Idaho) 80+ volunteers. Student contact: Kat

Veterans Breakfast:

Breakfast for the local community veterans every third Saturday of the month location: 480 West 2nd North Rexburg, Idaho. 10-20 volunteers. They need people to help set-up tables. Cook and clean-up. 7:30 am-12:00 pm.

Family Crisis Center:

Every week come volunteer and help us sort through clothing and food products to help families in need in our community Location: (16 East Main Street, Rexburg, Idaho) (10-30 students) Mon-Thurs. 10-3pm Friday 10-2pm; Wed and Fri. 10:30-1:00 food bank assistance. They are in need of Paper products: (toilet paper, napkins, Kleenex…)

Animal Services:

Every other week cleaning the dog kennels and clean-up of grounds; walking and petting of animals. Location: (Snake River Animal Shelter 3000 Lindsay Blvd, Idaho Falls, Idaho) Saturday Morning’s 10-30 students 9:00 am-12:00 pm

New, Seasonal:

Students can volunteer different ways to bless the campus or community. This is where students can create new events, and participate in seasonal events. This semester we have the Teton Dam Marathon!


Student contact: Shawn Allen- (714)-363-7276, or Colin Johns 425-495-6775

The patrons of these facilities welcome students to come in and visit with, play games, watch television, do arts and crafts, share talents with talent show, read to them, etc. 10-40 students needed; Great group project!

Location: *Varies per week*

Carriage Cove-Assisted living facility Location: 410 West North, Rexburg, Idaho. Homestead—Assisted Living facility Location: 408 West Main Street, Rexburg, Idaho. Sage Grove—Assisted Living facility Location: 290 North 4064 East Rigby, Idaho.

Saint Anthony--Homestead—Assisted Living facility Location: 610 North Bridge Street, Saint Anthony.

Time: 10:00am-11:15pm

Day: Saturdays every week


Student Contact: Mary Eargle, 703-608-2993, or Kassandra Mackey, 208-380-4480,

Mobility Assistance:

Giving assistance with students and patrons who come on campus in getting around. This would include someone getting around with snow and ice, students who have disabilities in getting around, injuries from car accident or sports injury, and patrons who are not very mobile coming to an event.

Project R:

We help mentor refugee youth from high school to college, we advocate for them, help with college applications, and encourage them to apply for research and training. We help local communities to learn and understand about refugees by engaging both refugee and local communities in activities. Location: Romney 126 Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm.

Environmental Service:

Promoting environmental service through recycling, booths, and service projects. Pursuit of Happiness:

Little acts of kindness throughout the semester. Examples are: giving out snacks at midterms or hug days.

FHE service activities:

Perfect project for wards big and small.

Working on projects of all kinds. If you have an idea that you would like to do please call and suggest it and we can make it happen!! Location: MC 101 7:00pm Monday night; Call in advance for ward/group; bring your FHE group.


Student Contact: Vernon Harrison, (781)-964-3036, or Kayla Gunderson, 480-993-5160,

Blood Drive:

American Red Cross comes onto our campus for entire week and sometimes more. They will typically come in the morning and be here for entire afternoon drawing blood for those who are willing to donate. There is a huge need for volunteer blood donors from both students, faculty and their families to donate. Power red donations means they are donating two units of red blood cells during one donation while returning your plasma and platelets to you.

Time and place: Blood drive on campus: June 12,13, 14, 19, 20, 21 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM BYU-Idaho Center Court 02

They will take walk-ins but prefer that you sign up to donate: You can sign up at and type in the sponsor code BYUID;

Hospital Support:

Students can help in a variety of ways at our local Madison Memorial Hospital


Student Contact: Jordan Earl (509-760-7714) or Dayna Jankowski (480-737-8243)


Take pictures of service events and programs on and off campus that will be used for advertising on fliers, social media pages, etc.


Making videos to show students neat service opportunities happening on and off campus.

Social Media:

Help advertise programs/events through Facebook and Instagram.


Put together by students to inform their peers of new service opportunities and ways to get involved in this program.

Weekly or every other week programs:

Mon: Service FHE 7:00pm Location: MC 101 or TBA (10-50 students), Special Needs Institute: Hinkley room 251 from 4:30-5pm (10 students)

Wed: Special Needs Hands 7:00pm location Hinckley 286 (10-30 students)

Thurs: Special Needs Life Skills 7:00pm location Hinckley 286 (10-30 students). Project R Romney 145 at 5:00 pm. Student Contact: Jennifer Nielson (208) 530-0196

Fri: Family Crisis Center 10am-2pm location: 16 E. Main Street, Rexburg (10-30 students)

Sat: Animal services 9am-12:00am location Idaho Falls (10-30 students); Adopt a Grandparent 10:00am-11:15am (10-40 students) TBA in Rexburg, Rigby or Saint Anthony

Monthly or One-time events:

Tuesday: Truck Tuesday (third Tues month) location: (4915 S Hwy 191, Rexburg, Idaho)

Fri: Special needs events TBA (50+)

Blood drive on campus: June 12,13, 14, 19, 20, 21 (10-5pm) (10-30 students)

Sat: Veterans Breakfast (third sat month) (10-20 students) Location: 480 W.2nd N. Rexburg 7:00 am-12:00 noon


5K run volunteers Teton Dam Marathon

Planting Flowers in community and on-campus Summer fest—Translators

Summer fest-- Art show

English as Second Language (ESL) Cleaning the highways

Project Inspire: variety projects Special Olympics

Food drive Making bunk beds

Working with youth in high school and elementary reading and writing tutoring Ushers for events

Dance volunteers

Days for Girls (Feminine Hygiene kits) Join the Fight --Bone Marrow drive Service online tutoring


Fire department blankets Vineyard—missionary work

Family History—indexing family history work Halloween carnivals: Rexburg carnival elementary

The Giving tree- Find out how you can give to students or families in need Creating Stronger Ties